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Yes. Tell us your story and get a 50% off coupon for your next private or share shuttle service.

Follow the next 10 simple rules to apply for this coupon. We ask you to read the information completly in order to avoid posible differences and misundestandings.

  1. We ask you to write your story. We would like it to be your own, but it can also be a fictional one. Our intention is to know a little about the people that is living in our town.
  2. We need it to be at least 500 words long, a couple of pages, with some details, especially in the things you find apealing on the town, the area, what you like, what you love, and what you do not love so much. But keep it positive. It has to be logical.
  3. We need you to understand that we are going to publish your stories, that they are going to be public on the internet, so we understand if you do not want your full name or other information in this text, so you can play with that the way you feel comfortable.
  4. We will not change anything from your original text. So please, make sure your spelling is correct. Try not to use profanity since it is possible to be read by children.
  5. Every one of the approved stories gets the coupon, and all of those that meets this simple rules are going to be approved.
  6. All of the approved are going to be publish, but not all at the same time. We will send you an email, the day your story is published, so you can verify.
  7. The coupon is going to be valid through reservation on our website. This coupon is for individual use only on your personal account, to be used only for you, and can not used in combination with other coupons. It can be use from the moment we approved your story. It does not matter if we have published it yet or not.
  8. We do not assume any responsibility for what you publish. You are the only responsible for the text you send, we do not check facts.
  9. We provided you with some questions to help you with the writing process, but those are only guidelines.
  10. Have fun!

Now, we are going to give you some questions to help with your writing. Remember this is only guidelines, and you can ignore it, but remember, we need information about the people and the town, the Nosara area.

  • Where did you came from, where were you born, where do you consider to be your place of origin? You can describe this place.
  • What was your situation when you discover the town of Nosara?
  • How did you find out about this place? Who do you know here? How is the relationship with them?
  • How is the place compare with the idea you had before you first came here?
  • What´s the diference between where you lived and Nosara?
  • How do you describe Nosara to your friends and acquaintance?
  • What is the key factor when choosing Nosara?
  • What else has Nosara to offer to the word?
  • How was Nosara evolve since the first time you where here?
  • What do you see on the future of Nosara?